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Why use DBR?

DBR involves rating of behavior following a specified observation period, and then sharing of that information to inform decisions. DBR offers many options to link connections across assessment, intervention, and communication uses. DBR provides a simple and inexpensive option (see for frequent feedback about important behaviors, facilitating communication among students, parents, and educators. Most importantly, DBR is evidence-based!

orange arrow  DBR is flexible for use across assessment, communication, and intervention purposes
orange arrow  DBR is efficient as ratings are simple and quick to complete
orange arrow  DBR is repeatable for use in progress monitoring assessment
orange arrow  DBR is defensible given increasing evidence of technical adequacy screening and progress monitoring assessment

What can DBR look like?

DBR is now available for use online through PAR, Inc. DBR Connect is an electronic data system designed to store, analyze and report behavioral outcome data using Direct Behavior Rating and specifically with regard to three research-based behaviors – Academically Engaged, Disruptive, and Respectful Behavior. Online or on paper, DBR can look like this:

 DBR Scale blue

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